You can cure many chronic illnesses that many claim cannot be cured Real Cure The current medical institution is profit focus, they may not be real cure focus
Economies are struggling to survive because Education systems stifle creativity & inhibit progression.
The Meroll Treatment treats over 300 Illnesses to heal chronic problems & reverse ageing.
Heal your body, be beautiful: take Acdine 90 nutrients, 25 vitamins, 45 anti-oxidants & more!

The Network & Study OfWealth, Health, Beauty & Happiness

Grow your wealth, health, beauty, happiness and wisdom the fun and simple way. We share with you how to make money without any money, to grow it as big as you want it to be; how to earn while you travel, have fun, make friends, find your love one, dance, sing, party, slim down, reduce wrinkles, stay young, prevent and treat over 300 chronic illness like diabetes, pain and hair loss, stay healthy and beautiful. All ages welcome, call us today.

Over 200 Products & Services

We have over 200 products, services and classes to help build your wealth. You can have fun and enjoy doing it. You can play a major part or a minor part, it is up to you. You can work from home or from the office. You can do sales, marketing, be a teacher, chef, event co-ordinator, accounts, management, supervisor,tour guide, nutritionist, dancer, singer, artist or even all the above. Our focus is to have fun while we are all building our wealth.

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Acdine is taken for beautiful Skin, hair Growth, weight lost, high energy, feeling fresh, strong teeth and bones. Acdine is also use to treat over 300 illnesses like severe arthritis, severe toothache, migraine, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, asthma, anxiety, anemia, cough, headaches, hypocholesteremia, discharge intestinal fat, hormonal imbalance, dysmenorrhea, climactic disturbance, hepatic detoxification, diuretic for kidney, prostate disorders, tonsillitis, tuberculosis, migraine, hangover, allergy, stomach ulcers, skin infections, sores, blackheads, blood impurities, bronchitis, catarrh, chest congestion, cholera, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, eye and ear infections, fever, glandular swelling, hysteria, joint pain, pimples, psoriasis, respiratory disorders, scurvy, semen deficiency, sore throat, sprain, intestinal worms, lactation, colitis, dropsy, dysentery, gonorrhea, sleep disorder, jaundice, malaria and urinary disorders. It prevent and cure over 300 illness. It nourish your whole body, kidney, liver, heart, eye, strengthen teeth, skin and hair. When taken, it makes you feel good, fresh and energized.


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Building Wealth

Building Wealth is divided into 70 stages. One of the fastest and common way is to learn how to do sales and marketing. Sales can be as simple as giving someone a name card, that state clearly what products and services you offer, that alone can create sales. Everyday give out 50 name card to new people you meet and see your sales grow. Sales can also be chatting on Facebook, blogging or commenting on forum. Once you build your sales above US$20,000 a month, you can start to recruit a team and slowly work you way up to building a business and when the time is right, list it on the stock exchange or structure a merger or acquisition deal.

Startup to IPO

GGC works with CEOD and Singapore Venture Holdings Pte Ltd to help you build your business for startup to IPO. You do not need to have any money. To start, you are given more than 200 different products, services and class to sell. You can also learn to operate one of the many businesses or train to be one of the team player. CEOD have a Startup to IPO 70 stages game. Come and find out more.


Absna is proud to announce that it has achieved the CPE 4-year registration award on 13 October 2011. As reported by The Straits Times on 25 July 2011 "...The entry bar is high for the private tertiary education sector..." Only 108 out of more than 1,000 schools have received the 4 years CPE Registration or Higher. Absna is currently working towards achieving the higher voluntary Edutrust award. (Read more...)

The Importance of GGC

Most People go through life without much planning, thus when they reach their 50s, they have poor in health, wealth and happiness. It is important to learn early in life how to see the truth from the other wise distraction.

GGCWealth focuses on the key factors to true happiness.

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