Education Issues

Education Problem
Billions of people are still struggling to survive because the current education system still have many rooms for alternatives.
Solutions: Back to basic, back to mother nature education system to supplement the existing education system.
AIHDC Education that create jobs and opportunity.
AIHDC Life long education system.
AIHDC Apprenticeship base education system.
Education base on Giving, Gratitude & Collaboration (GGC) the key to Wealth, Health, Beauty, Happiness & Wisdom.
AIHDC start with learning how to eat right. When you eat correctly you will have much higher focus, concentration, memory, brain power and intellect.
Many degrees is very expensive and yet ineffective. Graduate is not able to find job after their graduation, causing a life time of debt. Back to basic and back to mother nature education uses free or low cost resources to deliver high quality education.
AIHDC Education on Health, Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Sales & Marketing, Call Centre Management, Management, Production, Contract Manufacturing, Accounting, Media Production, Magazine and Web Publication, Internet Programming, Internet, SEO and Social Media Marketing, Community Development, Dance And Performing Arts, Dance Studio Management, Franchise Management, Eco Village, 5 Wealth, Global Investing, Global Business. All courses are base on actual real job both with Aceki and in the real world with on the job training and apprenticeship.
Students have to actually be able to do the job in order to graduate.
Most AIHDC have study now, pay later when you get a job.
Many AIHDC program can be operate without class room and high infrastructure cost. All they need is an internet connection and free space. Currently we are operating various courses in a rented apartment, someone’s house, in an office, up in a beautiful mountain under a tree, beside a waterfall, by the white sand beach with tablet and portable internet connection.
Many education today is base on greed in a competitive world whereas AIHDC education is base on GGC and a world of abundance. AIHDC education aims to solve real global problems through ethical education with care. It can be done today and we have achieve it in very small scale. We teach and create social responsible business and franchise that solve real global problems and save life. Education base on greed is not sustainable and have very server back lash as we can see it everyday, today. Education base on GGC is sustainable because it gives real value and solve the real problem.

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