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Sharing the benefits of 200 products & services with over 1,000 variations with 1 customer and their whole family
Ruth sign up for Aceki’s dance class, in class the teacher ask them to take Aceki’s Acdine Natural Vegetable Supplement to have better energy, look more beautiful and prevent illnesses. After testing Acdine supplement for a month, Ruth saw amazing result and introduce it to her mother. The mother suffered from severe arthritis for 8 year and is schedule to go for operation, after taking Acdine for 3 days, she realise that her pain is no longer there. After 3 months, she realise that she now start to gain flexibility that she had lost many years back, she looks younger and feel younger too. The mother introduced it to her son who have back pain, sensitive teeth and constant toothache. His problem was gone in 2 weeks and his hair lost problem was also resolved.

Ruth mother after recovery from arthritis wanted to visit Actfa and sign up for dance class with her daughter. After the dance classes, Ruth and her mother were both invited to many paid Aceki dance parties,  during the dance parties Aceki have written and produce many song with healthy living as the main focus for social dancing. One of the salsa song was Title Cure Diabetes. Before the song is played the DJ introduce The Meroll Treatment that treat over 300 chronic illnesses and cure diabetes in 30 days. Both Ruth and her mother after hearing the songs many time, decide to enrol Ruth father who have diabetes into Aceki’s Meroll Treatment.

During class Ruth was also invited to travel to Hong Kong for a dance festival. After the dance festival Ruth feel so fired up that she decided to sign up for one of Aceki’s part time Diploma in Dance And Performing Arts. Now Ruth brother is also taking dance classes so to stay fit and heathy.

Ruth 2 year old son is taking toddle dance classes. Ruth’s husband also join Ruth to take classes once a week to stay healthy and happy.

Dancing is proven to help people live a longer, healthier happier life.

Spending 6 days a week immerse in Aceki’s education program, Ruth was introduce to Aceki’s Investment Education. She later bought a few properties in Philippines with high rental return through Aceki’s partners. Ruth also invest in Aceki’s Home Stay Membership with a 5% increment in investment every year.

After 10 years with Aceki, Ruth have bought more than 100 Aceki’s Amanci, Genvani, Maxcino Apparels and Luxury Goods. She have also bought over 20 Instruction DVDs from Aceki. Ruth have travelled all around the world with Aceki for dance, health and wealth events. Ruth have taken over 1,000 classes ranging from 50 types of different dances, yoga, wealth, health and happinesses seminars. There are still so many other classes that Ruth wants to take for life.

Today the whole family including Ruth’s baby to grand parents all take Acdine Supplement everyday. Ruth grandfather Parkinson is now better because of the Meroll Treatment and Acdine Supplement. The grand mother have also taken up a few genre of dance classes to keep healthy and happy after taking Acdine and eating Meroll health food. The whole family come to Aceki’s dance event on a weekly basis. The whole family have invested many properties overseas with Aceki. Ruth brother is now running a Aceki’s dance studio franchise in China.

Ruth have since taken, the SFDF, Diploma, IHDC, IMDC and IPHDC with Aceki. Ruth younger sister have join the Aceki’s International Artist Program and have recorded salsa and zouk songs and is travelling every month to different country to teach, perform and market Aceki’s products and services.

Every morning the whole family will take the Acdine Vegetable Smoothie to stay healthy, some will take Acdine supplement throughout the day. All have been through the Meroll Education on Health Living. Ruth now travel 4 times a year with her Aceki’s friends to Aceki International Events

The whole family always look forward to Aceki’s new product and services, they are comfortable spending unto 70% of their earning every month with Aceki because they have great travel, great entertainment, great learning, great apparels, great property, great investment, great health and great enjoyment. Their property have since increase in value by 150%. Their health have improve dramatically. They love their Amanci Shoe and is willing to wait unto a year for new model worth hundreds of dollars to arrive.

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