Customers for a Lifetime

Existing Customer Needs & Retention Program
Existing customers want Apparel,  Luxury Products, Entertainment and Wealth
Solutions: Apparel and Luxury Products, Entertainment and Global Real Estate Investment

Why so many products and services?
We wanted to develop a community that we enjoy, so we need to retain our customers for a life time.
All these products and services are what we currently sell in order to help keep our existing customers coming back for life.
Distribution Channel
Advertisement, Mass Media, Internet, Social Media, Direct Selling, Telemarketing, Whole Sale, Retail Sales, Franchise, Licensing,

Why will Aceki business have exponential growth
Billions of People in the world desperately needs real solutions. Aceki may be able to provide some of these solutions.
Meroll can treat billions of people’s medical condition that cannot be cured by medication. Aceki also have treat your health problem now and pay later program. Student who cannot afford a university degree can take up a AIHDC education now and pay later.
Someone who is in his 40s with diabetic, high blood pressure taking 5 medication without insurance and out of job can, who pass a character test, can choose one of Aceki’s many franchise. Aceki will finance his business, help treat his medical condition by Meroll Education. When his Aceki’s Franchise makes money he can pay back his small loan to Aceki. Aceki help build a sustainable happy community by GGC
Potential Customers
All ages, 7 Billion People
We hope to be able to win over up to 70% of their monthly spending for life by sharing with them education,
health, investment, entertainment, apparels and luxury products
Unfair competitive advantage:
We own almost all IPs, brand and technologies
Cross marketing with over 1,000 products and services, customer buy one product will slowly buy other products
We have our own low cost school with structured syllabus to train thousand of staff quickly for expansion
We have bought  a few pieces of land in the mountain, install internet connection and call it 5heaven where people plant and eat organically and learn about Aceki sustainable ethical business franchise
Selling all 1,000 products & services to one customer
Selling to whole family from infant to elderly, adult buy and introduce the whole family to buy and use
Direct Selling
Internet Base
Wechat, Whatsapp, Viper Marketing
Low cost call center in Philippines & China
Low cost manufacturing in China & Philippines
We own most of the home offices, home factories and farm as of now
Very low Cost of products
Very Low Cost of sales

Burn Rate:  no burn rate as of now

Full and part -time staff: 30

3 Home Factory in Philippines (started production)
4 Home Office in Philippines
3 Farm Lot in Philippines
1 Home Factory in China (started production)
1 Home Factory in China (stand by for renovation)
4 Home Office in China
1 Office cum School in Singapore 8500sqft

Control of Business
A trillion dollars business can be controlled very effectively by less than 30 staff using
Branding, Intellectual Property, Certification and Collaboration

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